About NeDICC

  1. The Association is called the Network of Data and Information Curation Communities (NeDICC).
  2. NeDICC aims to promote the development and use of research data and information curation standards and practices to ensure the long term preservation and accessibility of digital research outputs in support of e-Research.

Aims and functions

Specific aims and functions of the Network include:

  • The provision of a forum, for practitioners and managers involved in digital object management practices, to exchange experience and express alternative views.
  • Activities aimed at promoting communication and co-operation between members of the Network include meetings, seminars, workshops and conferences to:
    • address issues of interest/concern.
    • expose the community to new developments and trends, provide opportunities to engage with a wider audience, as well as showcase work and initiatives.
    • develop the knowledge and skills of members.
    • promote awareness and best practices relating to digital preservation, dissemination and use of research outputs .
    • collaborate on projects in support of shared objectives.

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