Draft list of basic RDM infrastructure components – seeking your comments!

The DCC is seeking your comments and feedback on our draft list of basic RDM infrastructure components. This list has been developed through our participation in Jisc’s Research Data Spring pilot to extend the organisational profile document (OPD) to cover research data management.

The key objective for this pilot is to agree within the community a list of basic RDM infrastructure components in light of EPSRC’s Policy Framework on Research Data. This list is meant to represent the basic RDM components that need to be in put into place and maps infrastructure requirements to possible evidence of infrastructure. We’d be very grateful for any feedback from the UK HEI community and funding bodies in particular but also welcome views from other stakeholders. Is this list complete? Are there components that are missing? Please submit directly to the spreadsheet in Google Docs or email your feedback by July 10 2015.

Once the list is agreed, we will seek to make RDM infrastructure components more visible within HEIs by adapting the OPD. The OPD is a simple RDF file which was developed by Equipment.data at the University of Southampton to help HEIs comply with EPSRC’s mandate about exposing information about research equipment bought with public funds. The OPD is both human and machine readable and over 40 UK HEIs already have an OPD in place.

In the short term, this work will help HEIs to identify good practice among peer organisations. Over the longer term, we believe that  an agreed list of basic RDM components will help HEIs to better cooperate to identify metrics for successful implementation, the costs associated with delivering support services and systems, and approaches to sustaining our RDM operations.

Received from:
Joy Davidson
Associate Director
Digital Curation Centre (DCC)
HATII, University of Glasgow
Email: joy.davidson@glasgow.ac.uk