The South African CODATA Data Citation Workshop

CODATA: The South Africa Data Citation Workshop, named “Data citation as a catalyst for good RDM practices”, was held on the 10th December 2015 at the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Knowledge Commons building (Ulwazi), Pretoria, South Africa.

Photos of the South African: Data Citation Workshop 2015 South Africa: Data Citation Workshop 2015


Agenda point Presenter
Science as an open enterprise – looking at the wider context for research data management (RDM) as well as Open Science Prof Colin Wright,
Department of Science & Technology
The international drive and importance of data citation. RDA Task group as well as any other relevant international initiatives Simon Hodson,
Executive Director of CODATA
CODATA Data Citation Task Team & its outputs: The citation principles developed
Martie van Deventer, CODATA Data Citation Task Team Member
Research using public funding: The South African case – (a) NRF Open Access Statement, (b) Requirements to be met
Daisy Selematsela, Executive Director: KMC
NeDICC – Its role and plans for 2016 Lucia Lötter, Chairperson: NeDICC
DIRISA Progress & function/role – (a) Repository certification: A network of trusted data repositories for South Africa; (b) DIRISA repository; (c) Encouraging good research practice – also for proper citation; (d) National digital object identifier infrastructure; (e) Researcher IDs Anwar Vahed, Manager: DIRISA
“$100 is not much to you”: Unseen Barriers in Open Science Louise Bezuidenhout University of Exeter and WITS
Workshop discussion: Data citation Concerns, success stories Will data citation really be seen as a reward for the proper management of research data?
Workshop discussion: Shared language / Jargon Clarification of terms (some examples) Ownership/ Management/ Stewardship Persistent identifiers Open, Embargoed and Restricted access Data center, Preservation DMP / RDM / RDA
Workshop discussion: Roles and responsibilities The RDM role and responsibility of each of the following: Funders; Research offices / officers; Libraries; Ethics committees; IP / Licensing office; The researchers; and the Role / responsibility for a data center
Roadmap session 1: A proposed national repository: Institutions have three options when making their research data accessible – (a) Establish your own managed data repository;
(b) Make use of an established subject / domain repository; or (c) Use DIRISA’s repository (prototype will be demonstrated)
• Join the planning and development team … Contribute to the requirements document for the repository (including the citation reference/ protocol) and preservation management & infrastructure.
• Ensure that all repositories could be harvested to allow for a national ‘register’ of South African data sets.
Anwar Vahed
Heila Pienaar
Isak van der Walt
Roadmap session 2: A proposed national DMP tool. Institutions could implement/ develop their own Data Management Planning (DMP) tools or collaborate and make use of a reliable national resource.
• RDM Plans – what are the funder requirements
• Specify the requirements for a national initiative.
Anwar Vahed
Johann van Wyk
Isak vd Walt