New service announced by DataCite

Some of the da|ra data centers have been already included in the Thomson Reuters Data Citation Index. In terms of inclusion criteria, here are the main factors TR looks for when evaluating a potential resource:

  • Is the source regularly maintained?
  • Does it contain the minimum metadata fields for inclusion (title, authors, created date, persistent identifier, URL/DOI)?
  • Are all required fields in English?
  • Does the source provide unique landing pages?
  • Does the source provide permanent IDs?
  • Does the resource have a commitment to data curation?
  • Is there evidence that the resource’s data have been cited in research literature?

If you want your data to be included in the TR DCI you should consider improving the quality of the metadata you are proving to da|ra. Refer to
Best Practice Assurance_of metadata quality

News from DataCite: It has announced a new service that might be of interests to you: It is available via the new DataCite Labs Search (  and includes all functionality of the DataCite/ORCID claiming tool which was developed in the EC-funded ODIN Project. It allows principle investigators / authors to add works with DataCite DOI names to their ORCID profile.

The tool is open for testing. I am happy to forward your feedback and comments to the DataCite Developer or contact Martin Fenner ( directly.

Furthermore DataCite has started a Data Levele Metrics pilot project.  Data level metrics are an emerging activity that are designed to track and measure data usage. DataCite, has been involved in DLM activities for a period of time. See the recent blog post for more information on MDC.

PS: Please visit the da|ra news page ( ) or follow them on twitter (@dara_info ) for updates and news.

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