RDM progress updates: NeDICC member institutions

At a NeDICC meeting held on 18 February 2016, four NeDICC member institutions shared their RDM progress with the rest of NeDICC. The presentations can be accessed below:

RDM progress update: UCT

RDM progress update: UWC

RDM progress update: UNISA

RDM progress update: CSIR

DMP tool: test

The ‘National level’ Data Management Planning tool is ready for testing by a wider community.  It currently contains DMPs for a couple of international funders as well as the DCC generic DMP.

The testing phase DMP can be accessed at the following url:


Feel free to test the DMP, share the link far and wide, and provide feedback.

Data Management Course via youtube

An interesting concept is the following online training course for Data Management, created by the University of Minnesota Libraries in 2012 by authors Lisa Johnston and Jon Jeffryes. It consists of 7 videos; the complimentary activities are available at http://z.umn.edu/datamgmt.modules

Data Management Plans : links